Zoox is a new and exciting venture in marine conservation. We are on the crest of the wave when it comes to innovative ways to support marine conservation. Zoox supports those wanting to gain experience and knowledge in the field of marine science and conservation to improve their job prospects.

Why Marine Conservation?

Our seas and oceans are battling an ever increasing threat from anthropogenic influences ranging from fishing, pollution, changes in sea levels, temperature and acidity. Our planet relies on these marine environments to remain in a balanced and stable condition. Without healthy seas and oceans, we are facing an uncertain and bleak future.

Are you finding it hard to get into a career in Marine Conservation?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone … although this is a growing sector it is a relatively new “industry” and people entering this field are being turned away from even start-up jobs due to lack of experience. This is exactly where Zoox can help by developing the skills you need for these positions quickly and efficiently.

Conservationists are at the frontline of educating the public whilst approaching people who are able to make changes. We need more skilled conservationists if we are going to try and address the many problems we have today.

Zoox takes a new approach to creating jobs whilst helping to support those who are interested in this important sector. We work with people from all over the world and our contacts and backgrounds put us in a very fortunate position to help others and we would like to share them with you. Zoox doesn't believe in keeping this knowledge a secret, like a good book these little snippets of magic should be shared. Read our testimonials below to see what others have to say about Zoox.

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The Zoox Experience Programme

We provide the official training for selected individuals to support the UNEP project Green Fins currently operating in SE Asia. We pride ourselves on providing quality, personal and affordable programmes. We are now accepting applications for 2013 in the Philippines. Please go our ZEP page or read our testimonials to find out more.

Training Courses

Zoox also offers training courses for those interested in developing their knowledge around marine conservation. The Zoox training courses have been put together to develop your knowledge and skills, suitable for all levels of experience, to help you pursue a career in the marine science and conservation industry. 


  • "Informative, Friendly, Useful and Guiding."

  • "I gained skills and experience far beyond what I expected when I first signed up, and I feel like it has opened many doors for me in the future."

  • "I’ve learned more in the past 8 weeks than I did over the whole 3 years of my degree."

  • "I really liked the multi elements to Zoox, you can carry out research, get involved with local communities and educate people. Not many positions offer such scope, usually you have to narrow yourself into a specific area."

  • You can be told about something numerous times but until you actually experience it for yourself you will never 100% understand it."

  • I did not realise everything I had achieved until looking at my log!"

  • Q: Would you recommend the ZEP to a friend?    A: "Yes, most definitely, it has been much more useful than many other volunteer programmes."

  • “The ZEP gave me exactly what I wanted…and more.”

  • “I spent hours on Google looking for something like this.”


Zoox goes to Thailand and Vietnam        

At the request of the Governments of Thailand and Vietnam and our partners from the UK NGO Reef-World, Zoox has been asked to support the UNEP Green Fins programme by supplying selected and trained individuals to specific project locations to help support the approach. This will take place this year under the Zoox Experience Programme and we will be posting dates, costs and specific locations on this site and in our newsletters soon.
Zoox is offering selected individuals a unique opportunity to partake in the UNEP initiated project Green Fins, operating in 4 countries in south east Asia. You will be trained by Zoox in a variety of skills and will be provided with a range of tools enabling you to work on your own alongside governmental departments, NGO’s and other associated organisations.  Zoox currently has no positions available but please be sure to come back soon to see our 2012 dates.  If you want to know about where you will be based, what's involved or anything else you might want to know then please e-mail us here.

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